Pay a bill

To pay your bill, enter your billpay code and reference no, your payment card details and the amount you wish to pay.

  • Please enter your billpay code
  • Billpay code is too short (must be 4 digits)
  • Billpay code is too long (must be 4 digits)
  • Billpay code must contain numbers only
  • Please enter your bill reference number
  • Reference no is too long (max 40 characters)
  • Please enter a payment amount
  • Format is invalid. Please enter dollar & cents only e.g. 125.50

Debit Card Only

  • Please enter your card number
  • Card number is too long (max 16 digits)
  • Please enter a valid debit card number
  • American Express cards are not supported
  • Diners Club cards are not supported
  • Please enter your card expiry date
  • Please enter your card expiry month
  • Please enter your card expiry year
  • Expiry date is not valid (card has expired)
  • Please enter your card verification number
  • CVN is too short (must be 3-4 digits)
  • CVN is too long (must be 3-4 digits)
  • CVN must contain numbers only
  • CVN must be 3 digits (Visa, MasterCard, Diners Club)
  • CVN must be 4 digits (American Express)
  • Email address is invalid
  • Email address is too long (max 100 characters)